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US-D677431-S: Grooming tweezers patent, US-D678362-S: Sewing machine patent, US-D679478-S: Set including pajamas, pillow and carrying bag patent, US-D681209-S: Oxygenator patent, US-D681236-S: Building siding patent, US-D681414-S: Tool holder patent, US-D681744-S: Plush toy patent, US-D683540-S: Electronic device pocket with card slot patent, US-D684272-S: Centrifuge patent, US-D684983-S: Combined keyboard and cover patent, US-D686301-S: Faucet bridge patent, US-D687293-S: Notebook card holder patent, US-D687454-S: Display screen with user interface patent, US-D688279-S: Structural stay patent, US-D688715-S: Main cutting insert of a masonry drill bit patent, US-D690084-S: Pants patent, US-D690232-S: Motor vehicle, toy and/or replica patent, US-D691642-S: Riding lawn mower patent, US-D691918-S: Slider for zip fastener patent, US-D692625-S: Medical pet sleeve patent, US-D692975-S: Golf club head cover patent, US-D693053-S: Electronic smoke device patent, US-D693222-S: Closure patent, US-D694254-S: Display screen with transitional graphical user interface patent, US-D695035-S: Couch patent, US-D695856-S: Exercise training device patent, US-D696061-S: Coffee bean roaster patent, US-D698183-S: Shower caddy patent, US-D699299-S: Educational device patent, US-D700052-S: Trigger sprayer nozzle patent, US-D700087-S: Detachable mounting unit of device for measuring parameters for manufacturing spectacle lens patent, US-D701789-S: Necklace ornament patent, US-D705076-S: Jaguar shaped bottle patent, US-D705410-S: Air purifier patent, US-D710063-S: Recycling receptacle patent, US-D710281-S: Door panel for a motor vehicle patent, US-D710975-S: Wall-mounted faucet patent, US-D711933-S: Frozen treat maker with topping dispenser patent, US-D712102-S: Carpet cleaning machine patent, US-D713206-S: Beverage mug patent, US-D713789-S: Vertical axis wind turbine apparatus patent, US-D714418-S: Wall mount storage tank patent, US-D714427-S: Bathtub patent, US-D715126-S: Knob patent, US-D715546-S: Wearable display device case patent, US-D715631-S: Clip device patent, US-D716898-S: Pistol patent, US-D717576-S: Infant bed frame patent, US-D717994-S: Spoon vaporizer patent, US-D719037-S: Note tab package set patent, US-D719321-S: Boot patent, US-D719601-S: Motion capture camera patent, US-D719805-S: Scissors patent, US-D719947-S: Case for high-performance cell phone patent, US-D720196-S: Electric grinder patent, US-D720824-S: Toy skateboard patent, US-D721271-S: Beverage can tab patent, US-D721518-S: Dumbbell support cradle patent, US-D721890-S: Shipping cube patent, US-D723688-S: Insertion device patent, US-D724201-S: Part of injection catheter handle patent, US-D726785-S: Refrigerator patent, US-D727094-S: Tray for microwave oven patent, US-D728771-S: Insulating sleeve patent, US-D729034-S: Quarter moon cabinet pull patent, US-D729089-S: Sensor module patent, US-D729165-S: Adapter patent, US-D729629-S: Bottle patent, US-D730654-S: Chair patent, US-D730864-S: Remote control entertainment toy truck patent, US-D731083-S: Retaining wall block and cap module patent, US-D768315-S: patent, US-79-P: Rose patent, US-RE14802-E: Jacob grass patent, US-RE14990-E: Chusetts patent, US-RE15007-E: Arthur patent, US-RE15028-E: Hoisting means patent, US-RE15764-E: Said green patent, US-RE16931-E: Combination band ob tube corrugating and flanging machine patent, US-RE17797-E: William k patent, US-RE18594-E: r oishei patent, US-RE18613-E: of branford patent, US-RE19666-E: Method of and apparatus fob patent, US-RE19840-E: Laminated panel and fabrication patent, US-RE19948-E: Refrigerator patent, US-RE20622-E: porter r patent, US-RE21834-E: Method fob making cheese patent, US-RE22035-E: Hair device patent, US-RE23113-E: Inside scanning facsimile patent, US-RE23613-E: Butterfly valve patent, US-RE23817-E: Automatic air lift control patent, US-RE23862-E: Apparatus for fuel injection patent, US-RE23942-E: Apparatus for contacting solid materials with fluids patent, US-RE24018-E: Disk tiller patent, US-RE24506-E: humphreys patent, US-RE24880-E: Rate gyroscope with torsional suspension patent, US-RE25432-E: barnes patent, US-RE25697-E: Spring suspension with levelling means patent, US-RE26226-E: Strip feed tension equalizer patent, US-RE26338-E: Adjustable, metered, directional flow control arrangement patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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